Friday, December 16, 2016

Building codec2 for Windows using Cmake and MinGW

Building codec2 for Windows using Cmake and MinGW

I want to build and use codec2 library in my Qt application for Windows. Codec2 is incredible library for speech processing it can encode speech from 3200 up to 700 bit/s. Amazing! Let's play with it!

So I need to do:
  1. build codec2 for Windows
  2. write Qt wrappers for codec2 library;
  3. write application able to use codec2 with QAudio sub-system. 
This post will explain how to do first step - build codec2 for windows using CMake and MinGW

Info (from Wikipedia - codec2):

Codec2 is a low-bitrate speech audio codec (speech coding) that is patent free and open source.[1] Codec2 compresses speech using sinusoidal coding, a method specialized for human speech. Bit rates of 3200 to 700 bit/s have been successfully created. Codec2 was designed to be used for amateur radio and other high compression voice applications.

You need to:
  1. download and install mingw32 (I prefer GUI installer), you can find it here
  2. download and install CMake (you can find it here or you can use direct link
  3. clone or download codec2 sources from GitHub or download them directly from Rovetel
  4. You need add your mingw directory to your system level PATH
For example:
  • I have MinGW installed to the d:\mingw (and this directory in my system PATH);
  • CMake installed to the C:\Program Files\CMake\
Then you need unpack codec2 sources and go to this directory. In my case it will be codec2-master folder.

Going go directory with sources (in command line)
> cd codec2-master

Making directory for binaries:
> mkdir build_windows

Calling CMake (and specifying scenario and path compiler names). Warning! Pay attention to two dots ('.' symbol) at the commands end:
> d:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe"  -G "MinGW Makefiles" -D CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=mingw32-g++.exe -D CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM=mingw32-make.exe ..

Compiling using MinGW
> mingw32-make

If everything was made right, you can find libcodec2.dll and libcodec2.dll.a files inside build_windows/src directory

Now we have all needful files:
  • codec2.h 
  • libcodec2.dll
  • libcodec2.dll.a
This files is our target and we will use them at our next steps playing with Qt and codec2.

Note: if you need this files in binary form - feel free to contact with me, I will make them accessible.


UPD1: you can find more here

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